Help Me! Help Me!

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Help Me! Help Me!

Post by Oponn »

So I would love some advice from you fellow shaman out there. See, I have a problem. I have too many buttons to easily press. And I just keep getting more. :( Do any of you other shaman out there have a good keyboard layout to help you heal?
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Re: Help Me! Help Me!

Post by Clanen »

Well, I don't have a layout specific to shaman, since I need a layout that helps me play every class (which I do). Based off a layout Lexincrypt helped me with, I've essentially remapped the left half of my keyboard for WAR. I use homerow keys to lay my hand, and use those for (primary) combat skills/abilities. F key is always my opener (with index finger), then instant DOTs go to D key, then common used combat spell as S key, and pull spell/ability as A key. G is reserved for something common but situational for index reach (such as Bleed fer Me, since that pretty much only gets used once per target, etc). Then for my healers, I use the row above that for my heal spells. Since Bigger... is my primary heal, that goes on index finger key (R), then my 'Ey Quit Bleedin goes to E key (DOT is D, reach up for HOT, same spell idea, different target), then as a common use heal, W gets Gork'll Fix It, etc. Using two rows of keys in the middle of the keyboard makes it more intuitive while staying ergonomic and not needing to hold any secondary keys to use those 10 keys.

I remapped 2 to be forward, 1/3 for strafe, X is backward, Z/C is turn. Reply got remapped to shift-R, Guild to shift-G. I primarily use mouse for all control (except strafe) by holding down right mouse button almost all the time for precise turning and then holding down the left with it (so, holding down both) to move forward. I remapped the middle mouse button (wheel press) to be the odd situational type spell every class gets, like 'Ere we Go for shaman.

Attached is the SS of my hotbar layout... notice the 6-= and shift 6-= are still there from my original copy of Lex's layout. I kept them there since it's still clickable, but I'm actually getting used to using those keys on my Sorc just fine (who has a lot more abilities than my puny 8 sham does at the moment).
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Re: Help Me! Help Me!

Post by Tyriran »

I know I'm not a shaman. But I like to read up on posts like this concerning keyboard layouts.

Clanen, that's a very.... unique layout you got there. I use a similar setup on most of my characters. Except I keep the movement keys the same. On a conventional keyboard I typically use A and D as class specific abilities. Then I use a similar convention that you use for Z, X, C, V, F, G, R, T, Y, and B. I also use 1-6 pretty regularly. Combine all those with alt and I have approximately 32 different abilities available with one hand. I move my char with Q (left strafe), W (forward), S (backerds), and E (right strafe). I use my mouse to turn all the time, and I also have 4 abilities bound to my middle mouse button (M3) and the page back button (M4) on my mouse. Page forward (M5) is my autorun. ;)

Oponn, this is the same keyboard setup I used as a druid in WoW as well. ;) You didn't have all those druid abilities bound someway like that? Just adapt it for WAR. I know your hubby did.... that was kinda odd that night that we compared a few Lock key bindings.
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Re: Help Me! Help Me!

Post by Lynnx Holyfield »

I know I'm not a shaman.. but I'm a mouse clicker, and I still do pretty darn well.
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