Happy Birthday!

Celebrate birthdays, anniversarys, reunions and other special announcements or occasions here!
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Happy Birthday!

Post by Broakin »

Sicyn and Lynnx!
Where y'all been?
Miss ya in WAR!

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Sicyn »

It's my birthday?!

I stopped playing WAR around Christmas time to hang out with my parents and sister and I just haven't been compelled to come back. I do like the game, but the draw just isn't there like it used to be. Maybe I'm getting old?

Also, Azro and I have been working on an iPhone Game http://tr.im/fj9b (iTunes link)...so that's taken up a bunch of my free time.

It does feel good to be missed though. :)
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Brok »

Well hopefully you get the itch to return, been some really good fights lately.
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Lynnx Holyfield »

The birthday thing is off!

I will be 24 this year, but not until October, hehe.
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