Vigord - the obscene paladin

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Vigord - the obscene paladin

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Hey everybody. had a phone chat with my buddy alwin who moved away to england. talked about the dark age of our lives and recounted our time spent with DAOC. for those of you that do not know or do not remember, I was Vigord, the highly innappopriate paladin who spent most of the time in vent causing trouble with mavmang and gurr. good to see you are all still around and stickin together. saw a few familiar names pop up like cleon, lynnx and yates among others. how have yall been? by the way, where is maverickk at?

i gave Warhammer a shot a few months back with another RL bud Tavlones or as some of you may know him, Deleand. Found it to be very empty. Granted I was only in the noobly areas but the only other player that I saw for the first few days was Tavlones until I went into the battleground scenarios but even then it seemed like nobody was talking or doing much of anything cooperatively. Kinda felt like it wasn't that much fun overall but I must have missed something. Tavlones went back to DAOC and is currently on Lancelot server trying to get me to rejoin. Any of you folks still playin DAOC?

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Re: Vigord - the obscene paladin

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Heya Vigord, I remember you but sadly almost everyone is gone, too much real life I think.

I even closed my Warhammer acct last week cause I hadn't been on more that 3 hours or so in the prior billing cycle.
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Re: Vigord - the obscene paladin

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Hey Vig...I actually left the game and came back. It's not do need to play a char to at least lvl 11 to get a feel for it, the abilities you get at lower levels are pretty empty.

Azro and I are on Phoenix Throne - Destruction...feel free to look us up if you end up playing. (chars: Sycyn, Azroza, Azrodor)
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